Lessons Learned in 2017

2017 has been quite a journey. With many blessings and opportunities, there were quite a few mistakes along the way (of course). This year has been a year of growing, using time management at its finest, and working hard.

This year I learned that I am always learning, growing, and changing. With that, I learned that I need to be more honest with myself in what I truly want. I learned that even though things might not be fine right now, eventually they will work out in time.

I learned how valuable time management is. This semester I somehow managed: taking on a full load of classes, working 2 jobs, interning, and holding a President and Vice President position. I still have no idea how I did all of that while managing to go to bed before 11 (usually).

Throughout the year, I did quite a bit!


Who knows what 2018 has for me but I am definitely excited!


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